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Security Specialist
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opdracht in: Informatietechnologie

01-09-1955 t/m 01-06-1961 Gymnasium

01-09-1961 t/m 01-02-1968 Technische Natuurkunde Universiteit Eindhoven


1961 Gymnasium
1968 Masters degree Physics at the University of Eindhoven

Employment History

1968 - 1973 Philips Computer Industry at Apeldoorn, systems support and
marketing for P1000 mainframes and P880 minicomputers.
1973 - 1982 Philips Electrologica at Eindhoven/Apeldoorn, marketing and
logistics for Banking Terminal Systems and Self Service Equipment.
1982 - 1992 Philips Telecommunication & Information Systems at The Hague,
consultant for retail banking, information security, banking cards and smart
1992 - 1995 Digital Equipment Corporation at Utrecht, senior consultant
banking, health, social security and travel & transport.
1995 - Unicate at Naarden, business development.
1999 Independant consultant.


Wim Sipman has an international business experience, dealing with companies in
most European countries at management level. He speaks fluently English,
German and French and is used to publish in English.
His thorough knowledge of information technology and process automation makes
him understand user requirements for problem solutions, where information
technology can be of help. He does not only see the problems in their
isolation, but also in their (business) context.
Wim Sipman is a well-known author of articles and books on various subjects
like banking, information security, plastic cards, business processes and the
like. As speaker he contributes regularly to conferences and seminars in the
Benelux, and lectures on card management, information security and electronic
banking. Furthermore he is holder of patents in the area of information
security. He has drafted the Dutch standard for electronic banking on behalf
of the Nederlandse Vereniging van Banken (Dutch Bankers' Association).
Furthermore he has done some inventions on covert information transmission and
authentication without crpytography, e.g. for use with Electronic Commerce.


Wim is member of several standardisation committees and expert
He is member of the Dutch standardisation committees:
NNI 381.17 Identification cards
NNI 381.27 Information security.
He is member of the international standardisation committee:
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC17 WG3 Machine readable passports.
He is member of the national expert groups:
Ediforum Security expert group
ECP NL Security and audit expert group.

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