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Informatie Analist, Conversie, Datawarehouse specialist, Consultant, Internet Consultant
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opdracht in: Informatietechnologie

19-01-1981 t/m 19-07-1987 Atheneum

01-08-1987 t/m 01-08-1991 HTS Elektrotechniek
01-08-1991 t/m 01-08-1992
01-08-1993 t/m 01-08-1996 Bestuurlijke informatiekunde (kun)

periode:01-10-2000 t/m 01-02-2002
functie:Billing Ops Manager
omschrijving:Worked as Billing Operations Manager within the Rotterdam region
known as UPC K&T. As such responsible for all activities within the
billing process e.g. collections, Front End/mediation, rating, billing,
invoicing, credit control and revenue assurance. Main tasks covered the
planning and control of all operational affairs and management of the state
of flux i.e. new development. Furthermore, supervising and managing Billing
Ops staff, which consisted of a dedicated team of 5 billing specialists.
Billing systems used were Alcatelís Verabill, Orka Call Services Billing, SAP
R/3 and in-house developed MS Access 97 billingsystem (VBA). Products offered
were ISDN30, Carrier Select, Call Services 0800/090x, Intranet, PABX/GRIP,
Kennisnet, Co-location, Leased Lines and LAN Internet. Participated in the
migration of these products to ADCís Billing platform CBP and Single.eview
ensuring reliability and continuity in the billing of these products.

periode:01-03-2000 t/m 01-07-2000
functie:PM/Business Analyst
omschrijving:Worked within the Technology Department as a project manager
CSPIRE lab. The
objective of the CSPIRE project is to expand the chello portfolio products by
adding fully integrated Service Provisioning and IP Rating and Billing to it.
In this role responsible for the design, development and testing of the
initial CSPIRE solution in a lab environment. The scope of work involved
interface design between Solectís IAF and JacobsRimellís APS using IBMís
Message Queuing (MQ Series 5.1), setting up a lab environment which consisted
of a complete replica of the chello Server Farm and integrating this with
CSPIRE, defining Portal design and Business Processes, managing development
and testing effort to meet aggressive timescales set.
Worked as implementation manager CSPIRE UPC NL and in this role responsible
for the roll out of CSPIRE with UPC NL, which included replacing existing
provisioning systems and integrating CSPIRE with the chello server farm and
the HFC platform.

periode:01-10-1998 t/m 01-03-2000
functie:Billing Analyst Change/Migration/Implementation manager
omschrijving:Worked within the Billing Department as a lead analyst and as such
for defining all requirements for systems development, both Interim Solution
DBSS and Saville IBP/CBP. This covered formulating the feasibility study and
billing requirements definition for the various products to be launched. Among
those products were Direct Access services like ISDN30, Private Leased
Circuits, Fast LAN Interconnect (frame relay), Fast Business Internet and
Remote Access (IP / ISDN30). Other products were the redesign of the new
invoice/CMR (Call Management Report) and the set up of the new
Pricing/Discounting structure. In this role acted as an interface with the
departments Product Marketing, Product Development and Customer Care.
Furthermore, as changemanager responsible for all the Moves, Adds and Changes
of the billing and customer care system VersaBSS. Also, worked as
implementation manager New Products and as such supported the business in
billing the launched products using the Interim Solution. Finally, worked as
CBP Post Billing SME responsible for the set up of the Account Receivable part
of CBP like payments, adjustments, treatment and collections.